Tupperware Promo Juli

2l slim line
2L slim line 144.000
bread lover
bread lover 71.000
carry all bowl
carry all bowl 264.000
carry all set
carry all set 248.000
cater bowl
cater bowl 262.000
chop stick
chop stick 80.000


compact canister
compact canister 71.000
cool n chic
cool n chic 199.000
eco 500ml
eco 500ml 45.000
fancy crystal
fancy crystal 177.000
festive set
festive set 106.000
fix n mix
fix n mix 137.000
fun tumbler
fun tumbler 30.000
giant tumbler
giant tumbler 40.000
jumbo mug
jumbo mug 55.000
large handy bowl
large handy bowl 117.000
lolly tup
lolly tup 45.000
mangoobery set
mangoobery set 267.000
mangoobery single
mangoobery single 94.000
medium square
medium square 186.000
midi treasure
midi treasure 132.000 (single set 35.000)
mini signature
mini signature 120.000 ( single 64.000)
small carry
small carry 132.000
stak n stor
stak n stor ( medium 2pcs 202.000/ large 117.000)
tiwi kids
tiwi kids 215.000
twinkle bowl
twinkle bowl 142.000 ( single 76.000)

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